“We had received lump sums following retirement from teaching and we were anxious to invest the money for capital growth. Andrew had a grasp of our situation and explored our attitude to risk. His language was jargon-free, and he explained the different options available to us. We were happy with the investment proposals he suggested.

We feel confident that we made a reasonable investment decision and that this was appropriate for our current and future needs.”

About Nick and Belinda

Nick and Belinda were looking to invest to achieve growth over the long term. They had just retired from teaching and had received a lump sum. The couple got in touch after viewing our VouchedFor profile online. In particular, they were impressed with the testimonials from real clients that they had read.

What we did

We set up an investment strategy for Nick and Belinda in line with their needs, goals and risk preferences. We coached them every step of the way so that they fully understood the process; in turn, empowering them to feel financially confident about their future.

Nick and Belinda today

The couple are extremely satisfied with the investment strategy they have in place. Whilst the couple did experience some difficult personal circumstances in the process, we were there to ensure to financial plan stayed on track. In short, we provided multi-faceted support and will continue to do so through a trusted, long-term relationship.