Patrick was a self-made businessman who had been recommended to us by a mutual client.

Patrick was extremely busy when he came to us for help; he had very little time spare as he was working hard around the clock on the various strands of his business. He was looking for someone to help him with the financial side of things and reduce the burden on his time, energy and resources.

What we did

We provided Patrick with our complete financial planning service, working closely alongside his existing professional advisers.

Our holistic approach covered every base. We helped Patrick to organise his children’s accounts, mitigate Inheritance and Capital Gains Tax, organise his investments and consider Lifetime Allowance, amongst other things. Patrick was particularly impressed with our cloud-based encrypted “story board”, which sets out what is where financially.

Patrick today

We are Patrick’s “go-to” team when it comes to his finances.

Patrick’s life has been made much simpler; giving him more time to run his business and enjoy his own pursuits too.