“I wanted an adviser that understands my pension situation, investment objectives and overall goals to help me complete my family plan. Andrew gathered all the information required to discuss my unique position and understand my goals, repositioned all my pensions and investments in order to facilitate our plan. Our risk levels were understood, and investment portfolios constructed to give us the best opportunity to meet our goals.

I have absolutely seen the outcome I was hoping for. At each annual review we discuss any changes in our circumstances and make sure that our plan is still on track.”

About Dave

Dave is a professional counterparty and works in finance. Whilst his financial knowledge was sound, he was looking for support; someone to bounce ideas off and coach him on an ongoing basis.

What we did

We got to know Dave and built a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding. We then set about helping Dave becomes more financially organised. We set up a financial plan with a pension and investment strategy to provide robust cashflow for life.

Dave today

With his newfound financial organisation, Dave has a sense of order and peace of mind.

Our client Invest:Board™ is of particular area of the service that Dave benefits from; he directly adds new data and has 24/7 online access. We make good use of screen sharing technology to meet with Dave; reducing travel time and improving efficiency.