How lots of thinking led to our new approach with clients and our new website

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This website has been a long time in the making. This time has been spent redefining what The Investment Coach stands for. Often our peers have commented “great business name” but we have felt that the Coaching part of the brand had yet to be truly outed!

Then we discovered Trello and Kanban (Japanese for sign-board and a just-in-time production process). We call the combination our “Invest:Boards™“. It has given us the spark to reinvigorate our coaching plans. By creating a board where we can clearly illuminate a client’s finances allows us to realise our core value: Good Financial Organisation = Better Decisions.

We use the Invest:Boards™ in a number of ways currently and we plan to introduce more. The current headings are:

1.To Do – 2.Doing – 3.Done

1.Where your finances are now – 2.How to Get to… – 3.Where your finances should be

The neatest part of the Invest:Boards™ is that both you and us can comment, vote, create checklists and due dates to ensure that initially and over time your financial plans keep improving. It acts as our dashboard and beats a disjointed flurry of emails and replies.

We are excited to launch our new model and to “bring order to your financial chaos”. This is by taking you from being “Out of Control” to “In Control” of your Finances and then once the financial plans and Invest:Boards™ are ticking along we will both feel a sense of “Release”.

We have strived to be different to other financial advice outlets and will adapt to serve our clients to the very best of our abilities. We now have the technology to back this up.